4oo Cheers for Cambridge

September 2nd, 2011 | By Nicholas Gray | Category: Bibles Direct Latest

I’m struck , in this 400th anniversary year of the birth of the King James Bible, how much Cambridge University Press have been doing to fly the KJV flag around the world. They have an honourable history of publishing and printing this most majestic of English versions. Indeed some KJV enthusiasts swear ( under their breath of course!) by the  ‘Pure Cambridge Edition’ – whatever that may be.

However, historically, the source of all modern KJV Bibles is the Blayney revision of 1769,  published by Oxford University Press. This is the settled text which the American Bible Society adopted and which Cambridge also came to accept as the standard. (Allan enthusiasts will know that their KJV Bibles tend to have Oxford-originated settings.)

Cambridge’s latest KJV editions, especially the new Clarion single column reference editions combine a wonderfully clear, readable 10 pt type within a handy format. The Clarion is sure to become a classic rendering of the traditional KJV Bible text.

The innovative Transetto format will appeal to a younger readership who are not bound by traditional books.

Well done, Cambridge!  King James would be delighted.


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