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A well printed pocket text Bible at an affordable price.


Page Size:  

5 1/2 x 3 3/4 inches: 7/8 inch thick  ( 138 x 96mm)


Type Size


Cambridge Ruby Edition Calfskin > TBS5i (31UT)

Calfskin, with gilt page edges and thumb index. ...

Cambridge Ruby Edition Calfskin > TBS5 (31U)

Calfskin, with gilt page edges. ...

Cambridge Ruby Edition Calfskin + Zip > TBS5Zi (31UTZ)

Calfskin, with gilt page edges, thumb index and zip fastener. ...

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View Details £29.00
View Details £45.00

Cambridge Ruby Edition Hardback > TBS1 (31A)

Hardback style. An economical,hard-wearing bible. ...

Cambridge Ruby Edition Hardback +Illustrations > TBS3 (31I)

Pictorial hardback, with 16 pages of colour photographs. Ideal ...

View Details £6.00
View Details £8.00