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Allan 53 Longprimer Commemorative Edition

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Special 150th Anniversary Commemorative Edition, limited to 150 copies

  • Bound in natural grain, antique mahogany goatskin leather
  • Full yapp style covers, leather lined
  • Red under gold page edges, double gilt line inside covers
  • Three sable coloured ribbon markers
  • Printed on superb writeable India paper with presentation and family pages
  • With dictionary of proper names, subject index and concordance
  • Contains 32 pages of lined writing paper and 16 pages of Oxford Bible maps
  • Each copy bears the company seal and individual number


Page Size:  8 3/4 x 6 inches: 1 1/4 inch thick   (222 x 152mm)

Type Size:  11pt bold

Boxed Weight: 1.17kg

                                     *  SOLD OUT! *


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