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Allan NIV Proclamation Edition Brown Highland Goatskin

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The 2011 updated NIV Cross Reference edition with an enlarged font size and wider margin (1 inch on outer edge), plus ten introductory essays to reading and preaching from the Bible, and introductions to each section and book of the Bible developed for Hodder & Stoughton by Proclamation Trust.

Additional material developed by over 65 contributors drawn from the most respected Bible teachers and church leaders around the world. General editor Lee Gatiss of Church Society; contributors include Doug Moo, Karen Jobes, Chris Wright, William Taylor, Hugh Palmer, David Jackman, Dick Lucas.

Also includes concordance, maps, presentation pages and 32pp Allan lined notepaper. 

Bound in brown Highland goatskin with brown leather linings and a generous yapp, red under gold page edges and three honey gold ribbon markers.

Page size: 9 x 6 inches (234 x 156 mm)

Type size: 9.3 pt

Spine: 1 1/2 inch (37mm) 


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