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SECONDS - Allan Brevier Clarendon Wide Margin Black Goatskin PREVIOUS BIND

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We have 4 copies of the 2016 bind 5WM edition in Black Goatskin discounted as follows:





Reduced to £110 for final sale. Please reply to your order confirmation email with your order of preference.

NB. Customers who have not recently received Seconds from us will be prioritised. 

This binding does not have feint ruled notepaper but is the same print and otherwise identical to the latest bind.

The KJV Brevier Clarendon Bible is a vintage Authorized/King James Version reference edition, developed by Oxford University Press and now published exclusively by R. L. Allan. This Wide Margin edition is particularly prized – its substantial margins and writeable paper, with the highest levels of opacity, combined with the bold, clear type of the Brevier Clarendon typesetting, make it the ideal Bible for intensive study and notetaking.

For 2016 we reprinted on a higher weight PrimaBible 45gsm paper with improved writeability characteristics so as to maximize the benefit of the 1.5 inch outer/inner margins (1 inch at top and bottom).

Our classic 5WM edition is bound in Black natural grain goatskin with generous yappleather-lined in dark blue with gilt line inside, hand-pleated corners and double-sprayed red under gold page edges, three navy blue ribbon markers, with Allan presentation pages and family record in new improved design, 26 pages of blank notepaper at the back of the Bible book block for further note taking, and 16 pages of full-colour Oxford Bible maps. 

Printed on best quality, writeable, highly opaque 45gsm India Paper * Large, crisp black letter type * Centre column references * 1½ inch outer and inner margins, 1 inch at top and bottom of the page * Three navy blue ribbon markers * Red under gold page edges * 16 pages of full-colour Oxford Bible maps * Exclusively available in Allan's fine leather bindings.

Page size: 8.5 x 7 inches (216 x 178mm)

Page bulk: 1 5/8 inches (40mm)

Type size: 9 pt

Boxed weight: 1.8kg


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