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Allan 53C Longprimer Black Highland Goatskin - Speckled Page Edges

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SOLD OUT; please do not order. 

Final few copies discounted for small shiny patches on inner liner leather.

Final binding run, now with Vintage-style Speckled Page Edges, available in Black and Navy only. Includes Oxford Cyclopedic Concordance (Longprimer version).

This sumptuous 53C SPC edition of our flagship Allan Longprimer Bible is bound in Black Highland goatskin with full yapp and features unique antiquarian-style hand-speckled page edges with red underlay and blue, gold and pearlescent speckles. It is leather-lined in dark blue with double gilt lines inside, three wide navy blue ribbon markers, with presentation pages and family record, combined with the Oxford Cyclopedic Concordance as originally published alongside this edition of the Longprimer Bible in the 1950s, as well as 32 pages of lined writing paper and 16 pages of Oxford Bible maps.

First printed in 1952, the King James Version Longprimer Bible is a sumptuous, traditional reference setting of the Authorized Version. Developed by Oxford University Press and now published exclusively by R. L. Allan, it has for many years been our flagship Bible, renowned the world over for its clarity of type and our beautiful bindings.

This edition of the Longprimer is scanned from a vintage copy of the classic Longprimer, printed in the period 1952-1958 under Charles Batey, then Printer to the University of Oxford, returning to a page image that is much closer to the original intentions of the typesetters. This new-old page image retains the large, clear type of the Longprimer we all know and love, but has a crisper letter form and less of the broken type and 'spread' that mark out much-used letterpress typesettings subsequently transferred to film, and only more recently to digital scans.

The Oxford Cyclopedic Concordance is a unique collection of concordance entries, charts and illustrations all organised into one alphabetised order. It includes the lists of people and place names from the standard Longprimer edition, along with a wealth of charts showing key people and events of the Bible along with chronologies, harmony of the New Testament, itineraries and family trees, as well as a selection of engravings showing ancient carvings and illustrations of the Holy LandThis vintage edition of the Cyclopedic Concordance was printed in the Longprimer Bible from the 1952-1958 period, matching with the Bible text itself.

Please note that this large format typesetting of the Oxford Cyclopedic Concordance is a Longprimer-specific version that is earlier than that currently included with the Allan Brevier Clarendon and Brevier Blackface Bibles - it comprises essentially the same content but includes a different selection of engravings and illustrations and has some additions to the range of charts and lists included.

Printed on best quality, highly opaque 36gsm India Paper * Large, crisp black letter type * 100,000 centre column chain references with dates above * Three navy ribbon markers * Red, blue and gold speckled page edges * 16 pages of full colour Oxford Bible maps * Cyclopedic Concordance with names, places and charts, along with engravings of ancient carvings and vintage illustrations original to the 195os edition * Exclusively available in Allan's fine leather bindings.

Page size:  8 3/4 x 6 inches (221 x 150mm)  

Spine width: 1 3/4 inch thick (45mm) 

Type size: 10/11pt large, clear print

Boxed weight: 3 lbs 3 oz (1.45kg)


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