I received the ESV NCR today in perfect condition. I was very pleased it arrived at my destination in the States in just 7 days. I wanted to take a moment to thank you and everyone at R.L. Allan & Son.

This is my first Allan Bible and my expectations were quite high based on feedback I had read from your other customers. However, I must say that the Bible far exceeded expectations.  I own several other high-end goatskin Bibles in the same class as Allan. But your product impressed me the most. I think the leather, binding quality, and art gilt were a step above the rest in quality.

Thank you very much for continuing the UK's great tradition of Bible production. I have Authorized Versions in my collection that go back to Robert Barker's printings from the early 1600s, and it's lovely to see the same tradition carried on into the 21st century." 

Matt, Wisconsin, USA 


 "I got my KJV Brevier Clarendon in seven days, in way better time than I was thinking it would be.  The day it arrived I was preparing to preach so I used it that night to preach with.  I love this Bible - the way it feels in the hand and the look of it!  May God continue to bless you all and the ministry he has given you.  Thanks for the wonderful service!"

Kyle Williams, North Carolina, USA


" I cannot put into words how pleased I am with my Bible - the Allan NASB Readers Edition. The brown Highland goatskin is beautiful. I've been preaching since 1969 and have a fairly large number of Bibles.

Recently I retired from pastoring because of poor health but I'm still able to preach and I'm happy to say I am still getting to preach on a fairly regular basis. 

All of my Bibles have a story connected with them but my new Allan Bible is destined to be one of my Bibles for preaching and teaching. It is by far the most beautiful and best contructed Bible I own. The font is perfect for a preaching/teaching Bible and is perfect for my 62 year old eyes.

I hope to purchase more Allan Bibles in the future. My plan is to save for an ESV Bible. Nicholas, I enjoyed talking with yiou and trulu appreciate your help with my order."

Rickey McKay,  USA


 "Just received my Allan NKJV Bible and wanted to say thank you for such an amazing product.

The quality and workmanship are just amazing, the leather is super smooth and the book binding is perfect. I'm looking forward to getting another soon when I can save up.

Thanks again - it's totally worth every penny!"

Calvin Tong


" Just received my brown NKJV today and I can't express how beautiful this Bible is.

Love the full yapp! Thank you for your excellent service and superior quality.

This is the best NKJV on the market."

Rick Davis, Ohio, USA


 "As a person who is a serious student of the Bible and a critical bibliophile, I am hard to please, but the Allan wide margin King James Bible is exquisite. The paper is beautiful and sturdy enough for real, daily use. I haven't had any pen bleed through it yet. Generous extra pages in the back of the Bible will satisfy even copious note-makers.

The leather cover looks gorgeous and as a friends put it, 'My favorite thing about reading this Bible is how it feels to the touch while you hold it.'  I received mine as a gift and a generous gift it makes to any Bible-lover. One that will be more cherished and undoubtedly outlast all other gifts given on the same occasion.

I can testify to the excellent customer service provided by the publisher. The answers I have received regarding my questions were immediate, sympathetic and generous. It is clear that R L Allan is a publisher who takes their reputation as seriously as they take their craft. The product and the service are both peerless. "

Benjamin R. Hartleib,   Baja California, Mexico



" I am extremely impressed with my new Bible - the ESV Single Column Reference Edition, brown Highland goatskin ( ESVSCR1BR). I have had the exact same version in hardback since falling in love with it in a bookshop in 2008 - and not long after I bought it, I realised it was the Bible I wanted to have for the rest of my life, but knew I'd need to change it for a leather one in order for it to last. 

Only years later did I manage to find Allan's website via a blog, through extensive searching! The quality of the binding, the paper and the leather are just superb. The paper is silky smooth and the leather quality is extremely soft. Every bit of it has been completed to perfection.  

I know this is a Bible that is going to last me for a long time."

Kirsty MacDonald 


 "Allan's KJV Longprimer (#53BR) is the most beautiful Bible I have ever seen. This Bible is surprisingly compact in my opinion in relation to what you get:  chain references; a concordance; plenty of writing paper at the back; maps ansd a wonderfully clear large bold type.

The clear bold type and the way the Bible sits so wonderfully in your hands without being bulky, aided by the soft goatskin binding, really made an impression on me.

The full yapp covers are a wonderful addition and the red under gold page edges lend a lovely copper-like warmth alongside the chocolate brown cover and honey-gold ribbons. The presentation pages at the front are also a lovely thing to have. The quality of the paper is very good indeed.

Obviously very much care, love and diligent attention has gone into constructing this Bible.  Thank you everybody at Allan's for this beautiful Bible and for your great service."

Honor White


"(The NASB1BL) is uparalleled in quality of materials and craftsmanship.  I immensely enjoy the supple leather, the extremely unique blue under gold artgilding, and the ease of reading that comes from the large font and new line for each verse.

I thoroughly appreciate all of the effort that went into every phase of producing and shipping this beautiful Bible. I am thoroughly grateful for you and your entire staff's work!"

Mike Johnson II,   Alabama, USA


 "Sincere thanks for the safe delivery of my order, placed yesterday morning.

A few people have told me in the past how superb Allan Bibles are, but up to now I have not had any personal experience of them, or of dealing with your company.

However, now that I have, I feel I must contact you to say I am absolutely delighted with the quality of your craftsmanship and the finished Bibles, as well as the excellent, efficient and speedy service from you."

With much appreciation,

Mrs Paula Talbot   North Wales


" I received my Bible (#8i) Monday and I LOVE IT !!  The print is nice and dark throughout and you engraved my name on the cover in huge capital letters !!  I had never seen engraving this large in the United States!

 I love the black French Morocco cover and the art gilded pages. The gild of the pages is a little more orange than my #6C, but it matches the art-gild of my indexed Longprimer (#52i) exactly.

My Bibles are elegant and if noticed... it's for all the right reasons! I also like that the Allan KJB Bibles don't say 'King James Version' on the spines. I now have two of the most beautiful, legible King James Bibles in the entire world!! I am a very happy woman!

Thanks again!



" Sometime back I had ordered two Allan bibles, ESV Compact in crimson Highland  goatskin and ESV Classic in black Highland goatskin ( both of which I reviewed earlier.) 

Today I received my Allan Pocket Journal in crimson Highland goatskin which I ordered as my prayer journal. It is a beauty! Looks quite fashionable in crimson leather with a semi yapp ( protects the pages) and red under gold page edges. This little journal is a perfect match with my Allan bibles. I am glad Nicholas helped me choose the crimson colour which happens to be my favourite colour and matches very well with both my Allan bibles.

 Imagine buying bibles/journals from a publishing company that started way back in 1863.  One can surely trust them in every way!

May the Lord continue to bless and prosper R.L. Allan Publishers."

 Bessie Dias   United Arab Emirates


 " I am writing to express my profound gratitude for the service you provide to those who love God's Word.

 I just received my second Allan Bible, a  Single Column Reference ESV.  I previously had purchased a Personal Size Reference ESV. Both are bound in Highland goatskin. As a pastor, I am ecstatic over the quality of these Bibles. The obvious pride you take in your work is a model for all who are in business to emulate. You manifest a true desire to provide an excellent product and serve well those to whom your sell your Bibles.

My new SCR is a joy to use and hold. It is soft and supple, and I know that it will last me the rest of my life. Because of its durabiilty I look forward to passing it to one of my seven children some day with the confidence that it will last them for their lifetimes as well.

Businesses like yours do not receive the commendation they deserve often enough. Hopefully these remarks will serve to redress that oversight somewhat. So I say with unbounded and sincere enthusiam: Well done Allan!  I am only one among what I am sure is a multitide of grateful customers. Keep up the outstanding service and quailty work. You have reason to be very proud."

Martin Biggs


 "After much research and reading reviews on R.L.Allan Bibles, I ordered a crimson ESV Compact and ESV1RN Classic . Both are bound in Highland goatskin. These are certainly not the regular kind of Bibles I have been purchasing from time to time.

They are made of natural leather , they look durable and very beautiful. They are so soft to hold.  

Overall I love my R.L.Allan ESVs and I believe I have made a profitable investment.

God bless."

Bessie  United Arab Emirates


"I recently received your special Longprimer (Bible) which I ordered over the telephone, along with a Journal. The Journal was for a birthday present and was probably the most 'successful' present I have ever given to anyone.

 The Bible is a present to me, and, actually, this is my most successful present to myself since I bought an Alfa Romeo last year!

My thanks to you, for your courteous service and the unsurpassed quality of binding for this most beautiful of editions."


(Revd) Tim Wilby  Chorley, UK


" I received my three Allan Bibles this afternoon. May I say that they are works of art. They far exceed the reviews and pictures I've seen.  Just amazing.

Thank you, once again."

Paul Kim  Korea


" I've just received both Bibles , the ESV as well as the KJV.

Oh my, the quality that you are known for is in no way exaggerated. As far as I can tell the execution is flawless.

On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd give the KJV (Longprimer) a full 10, and the ESVR1 gets a 9, only because of the ghosting of the paper (which I knew about in advance). However the latter is mitigated by the size and leading of the print.

Thank you for the quality of your product, and speediness of your service."

U.Preisler, Denmark


" I have been so pleased since my purchase of your custom-made ESV1 Bible seven years ago.

The beauty, the luster, and all the spiritual joy I have received knowing this Bible will last a lifetime... THANK YOU."



" I received my Atlantic blue Longprimer today and am so pleased with everything about it. Thank you for such a lovely Bible. What a beautiful presentation of God's Word."

Donna McCormack, Tacoma WA


" I received this morning the 400th Anniversary Edition KJV Bible ( #53BL) and I need to tell you that I am impressed.

I was expecting a wonderful Allan Bible, but this one has exceeded all my expectations.

The calfskin leather is amazing; smooth and limp. The blue under gold page edges looks really nice.

The cardinal red ribbon markers give the Bible a unique and elegant look, all wrapped up on a very generous yapp.

Thank you very much for this masterpiece."

Daniel Garcia, London


" I just received my NASB in crimson, being my third Allan Bible. It is simply beautiful, I love the crimson color along with the healthy sized ribbons.

The print is a (clear) font, and the paper is wonderfully smooth as well.

The binding is true to your Highland goatskin - very supple and a grain pattern that makes all three of my Highland goatskin Allan's (Bibles) different from one another, like a unique thumbprint.

 I really appreciate the side references, making it easier to see and find.

This Bible is my first experience with the new NASB edition. I have the original edition in a Thompson Chain Bible.

Thank your employees for their careful attention to detail. It makes purchasing an Allan's (Bible) worth the investment. I look forward to your new Longprimer in blue calfskin, as I know this will be awonderful as well for the KJV."

Ann McMahon


"This (Allan #6C) is a classic Bible, the materials are well selected and of course the craftsmen at R. L. Allan & Sons are the best in the world. The goatskin used in this edition is as soft as leather gets and it smells wonderful. The typeface used is well selected and the layout well executed.

 This would be a great Bible for anyone looking for a KJV that is set and bound in that vintage old English style that you just don't see anymore."

Michael Swoveland


 " I just received my Ruby 112 yesterday. It is a very beautiful little bible . I know I'm probably in the minority, but the Ruby is my favorite text block. I like the fact that it is highly portable,yet does not diminish on features. Excellent craftsmanship. RL Allan Bibles are without equal in beauty and functionality. 

This particular bible will most likely face much abuse, as I will carry it in my bag to work. I work in a prison, so needless to say, not the ideal environment for treating a Bible with care. I had been carrying the 24z Blackface to work until I learned it will no longer be available and I did not want to damage a Bible I could not replace.  I may end up purchasing the Ruby with a zipper in the future to fill this niche, but for now I feel the 112 will do nicely.  

Thanks for continuing to provide high quality Bibles and God bless ."

Derek Jones

" I received my KJV Allan Longprimer Edition Highland Goatskin earlier on this year and was waiting to use it before giving a testimonial. I have to say, this Bible, the quality, the feel, the text... everything is great.

This is now my preaching Bible, you can read the text easily when holding or when you leave it open on the Pulpit. Its flexibility adds to the experience in one word its - 'Special'

Craig Gooden , Birmingham UK


 " I am writing to let you know that I received my ESVR1BR and Journal on August 30 and it is the most beautiful Bible I have ever seen or handled in 35 years of ministry.

I am impressed with everything about it and I am sure it will become a family heirloom. Thank you so much for your professionalism in making a quality product.

I am sure this will not be my last Allan Bible."

Rev. Michael A. Albert


"Last week I received my first Allan Bible, the Longprimer in brown goatskin 53BR.  I was surprised to say the least at the outstanding quality of the Allan Bible.

Over the years I have purchased a number of  high quality brand name Bibles, and none of them compares to the Allan Longprimer Bible I received.  The soft flexible goatskin cover, quality binding, bold type and (3) wide ribbon markers are well designed, and well worth the price.

 Thank you Allan Bibles for making an excellent product."

 Mark Shogren, WI, USA


 " My testimony - I have prayed and researched about getting one of your (Allan) Bibles for approximately three years. I finally did it!  If someone could have been there to photograph me when i first held the Allan Longprimer, you would have seen a grown man's eyes sparkling and face grinning from ear to ear li,ke a child.

I thank God this blessing"

Zachary Smith  TX, USA


" I just received my Brevier Blackface in the mail yesterday. The speed of your service was extraordinary  (four days). My first impression of the Blackface is that it is unlike any Bible I have owned, the attention to detail and the obvious expert craftsmanship that went into producing this, are second to none.

I am pleased with your service and very thankful for such a fine Bible as this is available.

I pray the Lord continue to bless the work you are engaged in, for His glory and honor."

Derek Jones   NC, USA


" Not often do I get overwhelmed but that certainly was the case this morning. I receiedv my tan ESV Readers Edition ansd itr is without question the finest piece of craftsmanship in a Bible I've ever seen.

I am a proud owner of several Allan Bibles and am pleased that each new acquisition is better than the one before."

 Jeff Boyce, TX


" Thank you Nicholas, and you give me some hope when you say you will keep in mind the idea of an Allan bound compact or pocket bible. I cannot stress enough just how much your company is revered and trusted in the U.S. in terms of bible binding and customer service. I have several bibles, bound by Mechling, Abba, Lewis, Paul Sawyer, Cambridge, Thomas Nelson Signature , and of course Allan. There is nothing like my Allan bibles. The fit, finish, and feel of your bound bibles is truly the standard by which all others, even Cambridge, should strive to emulate. These words are from the heart, and sincere, and since the ESV, NKJV, and NIV are the most read versions, it would only make sense that the greatest bible binder on the planet, R.L.Allen, would meet that customer demand.
I love the bible for the words that God has given us within it, and because this book is so unique, it deserves a cover that is befitting of its stature and importance. I believe your company, with the quality of work you produce, displays by that work a sense of respect for what God has given mankind--His word.
Thank you and God bless all of you at Allan's. "

Doug Rider, USA

" I received my 53BR in the post Monday and had an opportunity to inspect and use the bible last evening. The only word that comes to mind to describe this fine work is exquisite. My dictionary gives this definition: marked by flawless craftsmanship or by beautiful, ingenious, delicate, or elaborate execution. That sums up the quality in my mind and I have only begun to explore it.

The first facet of this jewel of a bible that I noticed was of course the goatskin cover. Your choice for me was spot on. I love the supple quality of the cover and especially the deeper grain. The color of the leather is a beautiful chocolate shade just as you described. Opening the front cover I noticed the fine leather cover lining and appointments. Turning to the text, I know my tired eyes will be thankful each time I read the almost perfect print size. The overcasting on the first signature bespeaks quality and longevity in the binding. The oversize ribbons are perfect and I will use all three.

What more can I say... R. L. Allan has succeeded, again, in bringing superb quality in bible craftsmanship to the masses. Thank you, Nicholas, for your assistance in obtaining this volume for me."

Dennis L. Sexton, USA

"  I just received this item (#20BR) and it is my first Bible by R. L. Allan & Sons. Until I held this Bible in my hands I had no idea what soft leather was, the Highland goatskin is nothing short of amazing, it has an almost liquid quality about it. When you hold this Bible in your hands there can be no mistake, this is a thing of rare quality. The full yapp covers add to the experience of holding this Bible as does the wonderful smell of the goatskin. In fact everything about this Bible, down to the smallest detail bespeaks quality. It is printed on acid free paper that feels very good in the hand, the ribbon markers (there are two of them) are as soft as any I have seen and catch and reflect light is a neat way.

The vintage style of type used adds to the overall charm of this edition. My impression is that an average Victorian Englishman would have felt very much at home with this Bible. From the binding to the typeface to the fascinating (and very useful) Cyclopedic Concordance, everything about this Bible harkens back to the taste and style of a bygone age.

While this Bible is a thing of quality, I do not think it should be called a "luxury Bible." There is not the slightest hint of it being ostentatious, it lacks any unnecessary ornamentation. While unpretentious it does stand out, but it stands out for all of the right reasons."


"Last Sunday morning after the morning services, I loaded the family into the SUV and buckled my infant son into the car seat. For those with 4 + infants you can imagine the bags and bibles being loaded.The road home is approximately 25 miles down the mountain of which the last 12 is interstate. So I'm driving conservatively some 70 mph. About 1 mile from the exit, I have a couple wave me over pointing to the top of the vehicle. I pull over, get out and am aghast at what I discover. A brand new Allan Brevier Clarendon bible caught in the luggage rack completely blown into a large ball. Needless to say I'm near to panic and am thinking it is ruined.

Not so. So far from the truth. My wife took it in her hands and straightened each page, then pressed the cover down while I drove the last couple miles home.

By the time I got home, the bible was immaculate, all pages back to their original position. The bible suffered no damage whatsoever.

Truly a magnificent piece of workmanship and quality. "


"I received my tan goatskin ESV1 on Friday 4th October just in time for this term semester. It felt crisp in my hand, the grain in the tan leather feels fantastic. It opens well , nice and flat.

The Allan ESV1 is just right for notes in teaching and I know this is a great investment, money well spent. I will be using the The ESV Study Bible in the class room and my ESV1 for personal bible study, devotional family and public reading and teaching along with my RSV, NASB and NLT. This Allan bible will serve for aeons to come. It handles well and its three ribbon markers are also handy for cross referencing.

It is definitely the best binding bible in the world. Great! Soli Deo Gloria."

P.P.C, London, UK