The Church at the Heart of the Mosque

October 22nd, 2010 | By Ian and Dominique Metcalfe | Category: Bibles Direct Latest

In historic Cordoba, south Spain, where I was last week, there is a magnificent and ancient mosque. It stands as a memorial to Spain’s Moorish past. The carefully preserved mosque stands in the centre of the old quarter and the modern life of the city passes obliviously around this bastion of past religious glory.

In Cordoba there is one of only three synagogues in Spain, abandoned in 1492 when Jews were driven out of the country.

Inside and at the heart of Cordoba’s huge mosque is a much smaller sanctuary – a Christian church. The mosque is a mausoleum to the past, but the beautiful church within is a vibrant reminder of a living, breathing present-day spiritual community.

In well-lit cases there are  displayed some very well-preserved, early Bibles and Christian prayer books, gorgeously bound in scarlet morocco leather with silver clasps and jewels.

I would be delighted if visitors might similarly alight upon Allan Bibles in hundreds of years’ time.  But far better  if they were found as well-worn and obviously loved volumes which had provided a lifetime of spiritual nourishment, and discovered not in display cases, but at the heart of a home, where they can be most enjoyed and treasured.


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