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July 10th, 2017 | By Ian and Dominique Metcalfe | Category: Bibles Direct Latest

The King James Version Longprimer Bible was created by Oxford University Press back in the 1950s, but is enjoying a new lease of life as more and more avid Bible readers have (re)discovered its charms in the form of the Allan 53 range – and, more recently, the 63 Longprimer Sovereign editions and now the upgraded Longprimer 52, which brings the flexibility and quality of a leather-lined binding even to the ‘cheaper’ calfskin edition.

Inevitably, perhaps, the search for quality has led to an increase in volume for this signature Bible, as we have pushed up the paper weight in search of greater opacity, and increased the yapp to enhance the sumptuous effect and ensure full protection for the page edges. I have just held in my hand a copy printed under Charles Batey, who was Oxford’s ‘Printer to the University’ back in 1952, when this Bible first came out. It is a beautiful Bible, with the leather-lined binding we all love, tidy (though not perfect) hand-pleated corners, and the gilt edges still shine, albeit with a slightly faded elegance now.

But what is striking is the difference between the Longprimer then and now – the spine width is thinner, the yapp is tiny compared to the most recent 52, let alone the full yapp 53 and 63 editions, the ribbons are narrower…

We didn’t want to go back to the past – but we did think there might be room for something that recognised the charms of a slimmer, neater package.

That is the inspiration behind the latest addition to the Longprimer family, a Bible we are calling the ’43′ – still bound in uniquely grained Highland goatskin, still leather-lined and decorated with art gilt page edges, still with three wide ribbons – everything that makes an Allan Bible what it is today – and yet just that little bit easier to hold in the hand. So we have taken a quarter off the spine width just by printing on a lighter 28gsm paper – though it is barely less opaque than the 36gsm paper in the usual Longprimer edition – and given the Bible a generous semi-yapp that in fact still allows the leather edges to meet over the book block, but just makes the Bible that bit easier to carry.

The Longprimer Thinline is coming soon in six colours, including our usual Black, Brown, Navy and Red – plus Purple and Green, which seem to be the colours of the moment! We hope you like it.

Longprimer 43 cases

Longprimer 43 sample

Longprimer 43 page layout

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