The Unchanging Word of God?

March 2nd, 2011 | By Ian and Dominique Metcalfe | Category: Bibles Direct Latest

Is the Bible the unchanging Word of God?

There is a fierce debate about the text of particular Bible versions. It took over 150 years for the KJV Bible to settle into a fixed form and even now readers seek the ‘Pure Cambridge Edition’, the supposedly authorized, authorized version from the mists of time around 1900.  Those of us who also publish Oxford settings are not too delighted with that notion!

It worries me that the Bible text changes. In the pre-digital age of the 1970s to 90s, modern Bible translations were quietly updated every seven years or so. No fuss was made about it. Now it seems that they are being updated almost every time they are reprinted, in the same way that cell phones, cameras and computers are upgraded year on year.

If the Bible changes, where are we? If the Bible is the authoritative rule for our faith and conduct, are we moving from a stable understanding to a moving target? What Bible can we trust anymore? Only the latest revision?

The NIV is being updated for 2011, the first time since 1984. The ESV has had several updates in its short life and the NLT has had seen some pretty sweeping changes since it first was published in 1996. All for good translation reasons no doubt.  And a bit of marketing hype, perhaps? 

But is it wise? Should Bibles be a matter of fashion?  Should we change our Bible every couple of years to keep up with the revisions?  Should we be saying  ‘Enough already?’

What do you think?  Please let me know your thoughts.


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