I remember my saintly mother telling a “fib” once…

February 19th, 2010 | By Nicholas Gray | Category: Bibles Direct Latest

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I remember my saintly mother telling a ‘fib’ only once. (This is a British expression for ‘misspeaking’, as  some politicians are wont to say.)

A missionary was visiting our family home for Sunday lunch after church. My mother had  bought  a delicious-looking apple pie from the local bakery for dessert.  It looked home made, but it wasn’t.

“Would you be baking this delicious pie, Lois?” said the missionary. “Sure”, she said, “Momma’s apple pie!” and glared at me in case the boy gave the game away.

Now it’s my turn to confess. As you may know, our best bibles are bound in Highland goatskin. “Would that be the Scottish Highlands, Nicholas?” you might ask. Mindful of my mother’s face-saving lie, I have to say that our finest goatskin is sourced from West Africa , and nowhere near the kid-free mountains of Scotland.  There, I’ve got that off my chest.

Africa is full of goats. They’re a curse and a blessing because while they provide meat, milk and leather, they eat up everything in sight and cause great local environmental damage. I’ve seen it. But I’m grateful that these same village animals from the Nigerian uplands protect and beautify the Bibles we make.

And I’m grateful for all your ideas on ‘the perfect Bible’. It’s just as well Allan’s don’t sell just one Bible or binding because the range of your dream features is legion! They are in the melting pot now for possible future Allan Bibles.  Watch this space…..


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