Be Bold!

March 12th, 2010 | By Ian and Dominique Metcalfe | Category: Bibles Direct Latest

The recently reprinted Allan Longprimer KJV Bible was originally designed by Oxford’s finest typesetters in New York  in 1953. In those days computer typesetting was still decades in the future, and Bibles were designed and largely hand-set by highly skilled craftsmen.

Theses traditional settings have a charm and readability which modern settings struggle to match. But they also had an extra ingredient I really like. They were set in bold typeface. So I’m delighted that Cambridge are reprinting the popular Cameo setting, due this summer. As well as the regular 66-book make-up, some Cameo editions will include the Apocrypha. Not many folks realize that the original 1611 KJV Bible had the Apocryphal books included. They were only later taken out.

We had a  bold type NIV edition in the Allan line-up until about two years ago, but it has sadly gone out of print. However, that  setting lives on in a reduced size in the Cambridge pocket reference edition NIV4 and this is an excellent small reference bible with a clear, bold typeface.

We hope to introduce a fully revised NIV reference Bible in 2011 which will have a bolder typeface, continuing the bold tradition for which Allan Bible have been known in our existing KJV Bibles.

So perhaps bold is not also to be confused with old!


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