Authorized/King James Version (KJV) > Allan Brevier Clarendon Edition


India paper. Black letter type. Centre column references. Ribbon marker. Art gilt edges.  Readable bold type. Oxford maps. Choice of exclusive black goatskin bindings.


7 x 4 3/4 inches

Type size

9 pt.



Allan Brevier Clarendon Black Vachetta Calfskin > 8

Available nowNew higher quality calfskin binding, includes spec...

Allan Brevier Clarendon Black Vachetta Calfskin with Thumb Index > 8i

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Allan Brevier Clarendon Brown Goatskin > 7C BR

Limited quantity available nowNew improved edition for 2017, av...

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Allan Brevier Clarendon Brown Vachetta Calfskin > 10C BR

Printed on lightweight India paper, chocolate brown Vachetta ca...

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