A Bible Fit for a Queen

November 22nd, 2011 | By Nicholas Gray | Category: Bibles Direct Latest

On Wednesday 16th November I was in Westminster Abbey, London, for a national celebration of  the 400th anniversary of the KJV Bible. Queen Elizabeth, The Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles were sttting 20 row in front of me. She had a very white hat but that is about as much as I saw of Her Majesty!  There were 2000 worshippers in the Abbey and the singing was magnificent.

As Allan customers will know, we are the Queen’s Bible Publisher for Scotland. Four valuable and beautiful first editions of the 1611 Bible were processed to the high altar along with a modern ‘People’s Bible’ which we had made here in Glasgow for the occasion. It took pride of place on a red cushion between the 400 year old Bibles on either side.

So it was a great honour to be there and to thank God for the heritage of the Authorized Version of the Bible in the presence of the Queen who holds the copyright to the KJV in the United Kingdom.


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