So What’s New?

February 20th, 2012 | By Ian and Dominique Metcalfe | Category: Bibles Direct Latest

When I first published the British edition of  the New King James Version way back in 1984 under the venerable Samuel Bagster imprint, we struggled to come up with the right British name for this fresh revision of the AV Bible.  How could you simply add New onto the KJV ?  So we decided on the ‘Revised Authorised Version’ … and it sank like a stone. Fact was that New King James Version filled the bill nicely and it has gone from strength to strength ever since.

So I’m delighted that Thomas Nelson have now given their blessing for R L Allan to produce a NKJV edition in a premium binding. We’ll be using the best NKJV setting we know – B & H’s large print two column reference edition – and presenting it in our top quality leather-lined bindings later in the year.

What are the publishers calling the new New International Version?  Not Todays’ NIV anyway, and the TNIV sank like  a stone too!  Better to stick to the name that everyone knows, the good old/new  New International Version. By the way Allan’s latest reference NIVs are just coming into stock, with the revised text. Well worth waiting for.


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