Chinese Whispers

October 26th, 2012 | By Ian and Dominique Metcalfe | Category: Bibles Direct Latest

You may have noticed that many (particularly US) Christian publishers print their Bibles in China. This seems to disturb some readers who feel that China may be an enemy of the West.

I wonder how God may view this? 

 The co-operation between the Bible Society’s Amity Foundation in China  – who print 10 million high quality Bibles every year for their home market of 90 million Christians  – and  the main Christian publishers round the world has been a feature of Bible production for a decade now.

Chinese print and paper is of consistently high quality; that is why the main  Christian publishers use their services. It is also a support for Amity’s wider outreach ministry in China and its surrounding territories in Asia. Bibles printed by this Christian organization in China are fanning the current revival in Brazil and Latin America.

Whisper it – we need to befriend China and the Chinese because God loves them just as much as He loves us!


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