‘Battle of Britain’ Marine Blue?

February 19th, 2014 | By Ian and Dominique Metcalfe | Category: Bibles Direct Latest

A number of people have asked about the exact details of the leather used to produce the ESV New Classic Readers in the Marine Blue shade. Although it is not dissimilar in appearance to the highland goatskin that is perhaps our signature style, and is certainly at least as high quality a leather – if not better – its finish is a little glossier and, most importantly, we cannot guarantee whether the goats that have donated their hides for these Bibles did come from the Nigerian highlands (which is what the ‘highland’ moniker technically indicates).

This leather does have its own particular story, though, which is that our binders were able to source a small number of hides – enough for just 85 Bibles in total, so when these are sold there will never be any more – from the leather room of a specialist military supply leather workshop in Folkestone, Kent. This is the same place from which the wonderful antique brown vintage leather used for the 53 and ESV Commemorative editions came from – a veritable treasure trove, you might say!

Folkestone is just along the coast from Dover, at the far right-hand bottom corner of Britain – the place where millions of Britons leave our shores either via the Channel Tunnel or on ferries for their summer holidays in Europe, but also a focal point of the defence of our island nation during the Second World War.

Just a mile or so from the place where our Marine Blue leather was discovered, indeed, lies the Battle of Britain Memorial, commemorating the many men of various nations who gave their lives to save Britain from invasion. This area is the scene of annual celebrations of the Battle of Britain, and it seems a suitable place for this ‘Marine Blue’ leather to have found its genesis, highlighting as it does the importance of this relatively narrow deep water channel separating Britain from the continent of Europe.

Battle of Britain Memorial

Battle of Britain planes

Marine Blue

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