A Day in the Life of R.L. Allan

July 15th, 2014 | By Ian and Dominique Metcalfe | Category: Bibles Direct Latest

I don’t know how the original R.L. Allan spent his day, actually – but I like to imagine him starting out with a nice hot bowl of porridge, catching the tram across Glasgow to his city centre office and then spending his day giving orders to his staff from behind a massive oak desk, perhaps with R.L. Allan Junior (the ‘Son’ of our company name) sitting across from him.

What I do know is that life in the modern-day office of R.L. Allan & Son Publishers is nothing like that!

After a mad scramble to get children safely despatched school-ward in various directions, Dominique – with Ferdie the office dog – usually arrives at the office first, a good hour before everyone else turns up, in good time to put the coffee on and print out the night’s orders ready for processing.

The first task is to check what we have in stock and make a note of any back orders to be fulfilled when new stock arrives – which as many of you know could be as long as six months away or more: there are only so many beautiful hand-crafted Bibles our UK bindery can make in a year!

When Amanda comes in the coffee consumption really gets going, as the all-important orders are invoiced and prepared for despatch. In any odd moments there’ll be email or telephone enquiries to answer, embossing orders to sort out, not to mention updates to be made to the website is up-to-date and production projects to advance.

David gets in a bit later and will get straight on with picking, packing and preparing the parcels for the Royal Mail. There are endless labels and online forms to be filled in, and it always involves lots of Sellotape and ink-stamping (especially for any parcels going to Canada!)

At some point in the early afternoon, before Amanda heads off to pick up her children from school, everyone downs tools for a cup of tea and a bun in a quintessentially English way.

David holds the fort until the postman turns up (in his shorts – whatever the weather!) to collect the mail, and this is also the point in the day when our US customers often phone and David enjoys chatting through what people might be after in their new Bible.

The R.L. Allan team - all ready to pick those Bibles...

The R.L. Allan team – all ready to pick those Bibles…

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