When grey doesn’t mean boring…

September 14th, 2014 | By Ian and Dominique Metcalfe | Category: Bibles Direct Latest

Exciting times at Allan’s: we have just received a first sample copy of the new Allan Limited Edition 53 DG.

The dark grey leather (selected with the help of our Facebook friends) has revealed its true beauty on this Bible; its natural grain finish has a soft sheen that is subtly distinct from the waxy finish of our trademark highland goatskin. The richly coloured purple lambskin liner, silver foiling and blue under silver art gilt edges combine to give the 53DG a truly sumptuous appearance. For the first time, this Bible will feature our ‘Allan Limited Edition’ stamping on the inside back of the case. It all makes for a worthy addition to the Allan Limited Edition library.

One thing that a few people have asked about is why we are not individually numbering this edition. As is so often the case, there is no one reason. One consideration was that with the Commemorative editions there was some upset over the allocation of numbers, and this highlighted the possibility that perhaps the focus might be more on the trophy number than the enjoyment of the beautiful Bible itself. It also made it incredibly difficult to find an equitable solution if a problem arose with, for example, a particular low-numbered copy.

We are also a little concerned that it may fuel eBay ‘flipping’, which is definitely not something we want to encourage. In one sense it is heartening to see how much a Bible can sell for, but our aim is very much to provide Bibles that individuals will prize for their own personal use (or enjoy giving to friends and family, of course) – not for profiteering. By stamping this Bible with ‘Allan Limited Edition’ we aim to give a clear indication how special it is, without emphasising this single characteristic over and above its value as God’s word and the qualities of the Bible and the binding itself.

For all those who missed out on this limited edition, we promise there will be more to come next year!

53 DG - front view

53 DG – front view

53 DG Interior with Liberty purple ribbon

53 DG Interior with Liberty purple ribbon

53 DG showing Limited Edition stamp

53 DG showing Limited Edition stamp

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