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November 4th, 2015 | By Ian and Dominique Metcalfe | Category: Bibles Direct Latest


The time is coming for the first ever Limited Edition Longprimer Sovereign. This is going to be a rather special Bible, combining the very fine mustard yellow calfskin we first spotted at the bindery well over a year ago with a sumptuous purple liner and (world-first?) purple-under-silver page edges, along with silver embossing. And a special Bible deserves a special cause.

This year a local landmark near where we live celebrates its 500th Anniversary. But this is not just any old historic pile – Hampton Court Palace is where King James I convened the conference where the King James Bible was commissioned, way back in January 1604. To celebrate such an important anniversary for this most spiritually significant of the royal palaces, we have decided to name this Bible the ‘Longprimer 63 Hampton Court Yellow Limited Edition’. (Sorry, we know it’s a bit of a mouthful!)

Our plan is for this to be the first of a total of four special editions of the 63 Longprimer, each linked in name and colour to a specific historic location celebrating the royal heritage of the King James Bible. We are expecting finished copies before Christmas – as ever with our Limited Edition Bibles, there will be only 75 in all, and we will be limiting sales to 2 per household.

But we also wanted to make this Bible special in another way. Our trademark blue Allan boxes may well be very practical and quite distinctive, but one does look very much like another.

Hence we felt that it would be good to offer something you could look at all day every day, to better commemorate this very special publication. We have therefore commissioned an original watercolour painting by a well-known artist, local to this area but represented by a London gallery, to capture something of the history and heritage of Hampton Court. Each Bible will come with a limited edition art print, signed by the artist, one copy of which will be included with each Bible. (This art print will be limited to the same number of prints as the Bible, and will never be available elsewhere.)

Framed on the wall of your study or even your living room, this makes for a lovely memento of such an unusual Bible edition – and much more visible than another blue Allan box…

We will be opening pre-orders soon!

Mustard yellow leather

Mustard yellow leather

Hampton Court

Hampton Court

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