Seeing Red

March 5th, 2010 | By Ian and Dominique Metcalfe | Category: Bibles Direct Latest

I’m just selecting a crimson shade of Highland goatskin leather to order from the tannery. So many reds to choose from! Scarlet, ruby, rose. This one looks too yellow, too orangey, that one borders on purple. Our first red goatskin was called Alhambra red which sounds a bit Moorish and not very Christian, so this time we’re going for our best Highland goatskin and the finest shade of crimson. We’re planning on offering it in the ESV Readers Edition and the ESV Personal Reference Edition to start with, so watch the website for these new styles coming later in the summer.

Which brings me to red letter Bibles. So popular in America where they first appeared over a hundred years ago. They haven’t caught on so well here in the UK, but no doubt we’ll catch up with our trans Atlantic cousins soon.

Do you like red letter Bibles?  These are the ones where Jesus’ words are printed in red ink. The shade of red is sometimes a problem and which words to print in red too. Why just  Jesus’ words and not all God’s words in red. Or isn’t the Bible all the Word of God, so why not all the Bible in red?  And why red anyway?

Problems, problems. I had an e-mail from a customer today who runs a garden centre. Made me think that perhaps green ink could could be the new red. Easy on the eye, environmentally friendly. Is it time to go green, do you think?

Whatever, let’s agree that every Bible, whether it’s red outside or red inside, ought to be read, from cover to cover.


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