Summer and Winter

May 25th, 2010 | By Ian and Dominique Metcalfe | Category: Bibles Direct Latest

When the thermometer hits 80 degrees in Scotland, everyone cheers. It’s so rare. But this week we’ve been on a high… and a low. It has plunged back down to 55 degrees today. No wonder I treasure our garden conservatory. It is our cedarwood summer house which allows us to live inside outside all year round, despite the vagaries of the  Scottish weather.

A few summers ago I was editing the British text of the New Living Translation for Tyndale House. I came across the story in Jeremiah where King  Jehoiakim was in his ‘winterized‘ apartment, cutting up the the scripture scrolls with his penknife and throwing them in the fire. 

‘Winterized’ was new to me. I had not come across this American colloquial expression before. So I substituted  ‘winter palace’ in the British text edition of the NLT.  Since then I’ve come across ‘winterized’ everywhere!  Incidentally, I made 3000 changes in the British edition text of the NLT.

So I’m now summerizing our conservatory with a new coat of green paint.  And thinking how good a contemporary translation like the NLT is at making the old stories live for today, and at the same time enlarging my vocabulary.


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